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The Sheep at Three Corners

Horatio and friends

Our sheep are Shetlands. We have two breeding rams, Horatio, a horned Moorit and Son of Sam, a polled cream Yuglet; and six breeding ewes – Gwen, Nugget, the twins Polly and Pansy and Cia and Bandit. We also have four Ewe Lambs who will breed for the first time next year.

Shetland lambs will be available from July onwards, orders now being taken.

All our girls are friendly especially Polly, who enjoys being rubbed under her chin, and they will all come to a bucket.

We are members of The Shetland Sheep Society and all our sheep are registered with them.

Son of Sam

The Breed

Shetlands are a primitive breed of small, fine-boned sheep belonging to the Northern Short-tailed Group. They are hardy, thrifty, adaptable and prolific, they are also great characters.

Archaeological evidence shows that primitive soay-type sheep were kept in Britain by the early Neolithic farmers over 4,500 years ago. It is thought that when the Norwegians settled in Scotland and the Northern Isles around 500AD they brought their own sheep with them to add to the ones already there. Today’s Shetlands share many similarities with the early Soays and with the Spaelsau and Vilsau sheep of south west Norway. In 1977 the Rare Breed Survival Trust classified Shetland Sheep as endangered. However, a renewed interest in the breed led to them being removed from the RBST list in 2002.

The Wool

The wool of Shetland Sheep is the finest of all the native breeds and has an amazing variety of colours and markings. There are eleven main whole colours and thirty recognised markings. The wool is used to produce gossamer lace, the famous ‘Fair-Isle’ knitwear and fine tweeds, and the fleeces are very popular with hand spinners.

If you are interested in Shetland meat or wool please have a look at our produce page. You will find some more photos of our sheep on our gallery page.