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Only the best lines are used for replacements or to sell as breeding stock and, unfortunately, there will be some kids and lambs not suitable for this purpose. These are the animals which are sold as meat; however, none of our animals are killed at less than nine months old.

Goat meat is low in both fat and cholesterol and high in protein making it a healthy alternative to the usual beef or lamb. The iron content is the highest of all meats.
People tend to think that goat meat is only used for curries or other highly spiced food, but nothing could be farther from the truth. A roasted leg or shoulder is excellent and this delicious meat can also be used in casseroles, burgers, sausages and mince. It goes particularly well with the Mediterranean herbs, basil, oregano, marjoram and thyme. Our goats are killed between 9 and 12 months old and the meat is usually available between October and March.

Shetland meat is of a high quality with outstanding flavour and a fine texture. As a primitive breed Shetlands store a lot of their body fat around the organs rather than just in the muscle and this makes the meat far leaner than modern breeds. It is also low in lipid fat making it excellent for low cholesterol diets. Our Shetlands are killed between 1 and 2 years old (known as hoggets) and the meat is usually available in the Spring. It is cooked the same way as lamb, try it with mint, rosemary or garlic.

All our meat is butchered to a high standard and is supplied locally in individual, sealed packaging ready for the freezer. It comes with advice on the best way to cook and some tasty recipes for you to try. We do not supply frozen meat. Please contact us for availability and prices.

Shetland Wool

"Shetland Wool, taking all its properties together, is perhaps the completest article of the kind in the universe, possessing at the same time, the gloss and softness of silk, the strength of cotton, the whiteness of linen, and the warmth of wool."
Sir John Sinclair
September 22, 1760

Shetland fleece can be hand spun straight from the fleece or made into rolags (rolls of wall made by carding the fleece) and then woollen spun producing a range of naturally coloured yarn. It can also be used on a peg loom or hand woven. It also felts well using either dry or wet methods.

Moorit Shetland fleece
White Shetland fleece
Grey Shetland fleece
Black Shetland fleece
Mioget Shetland fleece
Shaela Shetland fleece

Shetland fleeces in assorted colours are usually available for hand spinners in May, again please contact us for availability.