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The Goats at Three Corners

All our goats are Boers and we currently have two breeding bucks called Ben and Marcus, eight adult breeding does including two Red Boers and a doeling called Haze, who will be a year old in May. We are members of The British Boer Goat Society and our goats are registered with them. Kids available from June onwards, orders now being taken.

Ben - our handsome young buck

The Breed

Originating from South Africa the Boer goat is the first meat-producing breed of goat in the world. They were first exported to this country in 1988 and The British Boer Goat Society was formed.

Boers are different in appearance from dairy goats. When fully grown they are stocky animals with short legs, a deep, broad chest and a thick rump. When mature at 3-4 years old a buck will weigh between 90 and 120kg, and a doe between 65 and 75kg at 2-3 years of age.

Nigella - one of our does

A Boer doe will kid regularly every year and a kidding percentage of 160-200 is normal. Boer goats are long-lived and have a placid temperament which makes them easier to keep in fenced paddocks or fields than longer legged breeds. Like all goats, Boers are intelligent and sociable. When our goats see us they run to greet us and want to be involved in whatever we are doing in the paddocks or the shed. Although originally bred in a warm climate Boer goats are hardy and have adapted well to our colder, damper climate, with good shelter they can be kept outside for a good deal of the year.

If you are interested in the meat please have a look at our produce page, or if you are interested in the Boers have a look at our gallery. If we can help you in any way please contact us.