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Welcome to Three Corners the home of Tricorn Pedigree Boer Goats and Shetland Sheep in beautiful rural North Devon.

Here you can find out about the Boer and Shetland breeds, details about the breeding stock we have for sale and information about our home produced, free range goat meat and primitive breed lamb. We have also included details of the services we provide for smallholders.

'It matters greatly whether the shepherd
loves the flock or the fleece' - Anon

We have many years' experience caring for our own and other people's animals. We spend most of our time with our goats and sheep, we know them all individually and they know us, we enjoy each others company. They are respected and well cared for whether they are kept as breeding stock or, eventually, go to our local abattoir to be humanely slaughtered for meat.

We love our way of life, even though the work is often hard and the hours can be unsociable at times, and although farming is our livelihood the health and welfare of all our animals comes before anything else.

We hope you enjoy looking at the rest of our website and thank you for visiting us.

Mike & Mary Ford